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Weird Thai girls online big eye trend

A few pictures recently have started popping up of girls modifying their eyes to look big.. seems easier to just buy big eye contact lenses? Anyway here are a couple snaps I found on dating profiles of such girls after the photoshopping is complete! I assume these images are coming from some app or something which would explain their sudden popularity.

I included a couple of straight up big-eye contact lens photos for reference :) I am still not sure on my opinion of those but one thing thats freaky is to see big blue eyes and blonde hair on an asian girl.. I don’t think I like that :/

Massive tips for your dating site profile

There are some big mistakes people make in online dating – some are obvious and some are not so obvious. I will jump straight in with something not many people know:

  • Don’t show interest in girls you really like!

Why? Because if you really like them you should send a message. Usually the girls that are popular get HUNDREDS of interests.. they get washed away in a sea of interests and they will never see you. If they do see you, why should they send you a message? You didn’t even bother to write anything to them – and if they are pretty and a good catch online they will have many interesting messages to read so you should send something intelligent to them and don’t click interest!

  • Upload a smiling natural photo

There is some evidence that a photo looking away from the camera gets more messages, but it is proven that a smiling photo does better than a non-smiling photo. If you don’t have a photo at all then this is the biggest mistake and don’t expect to get any reply at all!

  • Copy pasta – its not delicious!

If you find someone you really like – don’t send them a copy paste message as in 2012 most people have learned to tell what a copy paste message feels like. The worst offenders are those who send a copy paste message and forget to take out the other persons name and replace it with the new one… oops!

Smiling profiles get more attention!

Don’t leave your Facebook or dating profile page open!

Philippina girl catches husband

Be sure to log out if your computer is shared or someone is likely to be snooping around! You think a girl going through your phone is bad but I cannot imagine how bad it would be for a girl to be going through your dating profile… Retina identification or thumb print is preferred although knowing the determination of some ladies maybe it is better we dont use our eyes or thumbs to log in to our computer :/

The prettiest Thai ladyboy

While reading my messages I noticed a visitor to my profile and checked her out. Normally I don’t search for Thai Ladyboys but when I saw her pictures I didn’t even realise I was looking at one until I read her profile. This beautiful specimen is cute and clean – so fresh and I love her style. A lot of LB’s on dating sites can be quite rough looking and demand s3x very quickly which for me is a turnoff as it isn’t very feminine at all. I messaged this one and didn’t get a reply – which made me want her even more! Its funny how attraction works right?

Maybe you guys will have better luck with her if you find her profile and send a message. Did you come across any mindblowing kathoeys recently? Share them with the rest of us!

Enjoy :)

Comparison between Sirocco Skybar and Vertigo at the Banyan Tree

So you finally met the perfect Thai lady of your dreams and after a couple dates things seem to be going really well. You want to splash out and have a really nice meal with a great view in a once in a year kind of experience dinner. Two restaurants/bars which spring to mind are both located in Sathorn and both sit on top of 65 floor+ buildings. They are Sirocco at the State tower in Sathorn and Vertigo at the Banyan tree also in Sathorn. Despite being high level high society restaurants they offer two different kinds of experiences. Pricing is pretty expensive although similar at both and you should not expect to pay less than 4000 baht total at each place for two people with food and drinks.

Brief summary of the experience at Vertigo:

Moon bar at Vertigo in Bangkok

Moon bar at Vertigo in Sathorn, Bangkok

They were very warm and friendly, and the Thai lady friend I was with unfortunately lost some jewellery in the bathroom down the plughole. An engineer appeared very quickly and they disassembled all the pipes and got back her earring quickly and everyone was smiling the whole time. After that unusual beginning we were greeted warmly by the reception staff and given an opportunity to take some photos of the amazing view of Bangkok before being taken to our seats. The menu was quite varied and there were “cheap” options too for anyone scared by pricing. After the amazing food was finished a staff member offered to take our photo and it was printed out and given to us complimentary. Overall a very nice experience :D

Brief summary of Sirocco:

Upon the elevator opening three or four beautiful Thai girls greeted us and led us to the restaurant. Unfortunately they would not let me take my bag which had my tripod, when asked if I could take only my tripod they said no :/ so I proceeded with just my camera. Still, hoping to get some nice pictures we entered the big open area with an amazing view. I went to the edge but was told I was not allowed to take pictures of the view. I asked why and they said “celebrities often come here and don’t want their photos taken”.. I only wanted to take pictures of the view. They told me I could take some photos at the skybar. So I went to the very crowded skybar and fought for a place to take a picture. I also wondered why I was allowed to take photos in this area as it is much closer to the place where people eat and surely a better point to take photos of celebrities? Seems like a strange policy. It wasn’t as friendly an experience and so we decided not to eat there and find another place instead. We went down to the swimming pool there and had some food (lebanese) at Lebua’s restaurant on a lower level. It tasted great and the service was very friendly with a diverse menu from many kitchens.

My personal opinion, choose Vertigo :) It feels more exciting as most tables are close to the edge and it is a lot more narrow so you get a better feeling of being high up. Even though I think the state tower is slightly higher it is much bigger and it is possible to get a seat in the middle and not really get any view at all.

Thai Lady or Thai Ladyboy?

I gathered together some of the most beautiful Thai ladyboys and present them for you in this post. If you didn’t appreciate them before maybe you will now as many of these high quality kathoeys (the word for LB in Thai) will just blow your mind!

Personally I am not interested in western LB’s but Asian ladyboys seem much more feminine and desirable. I saw a post on a forum one day about a guy who was talking to an LB on a dating site for weeks first in messages and then on Skype before they realized that they were talking to someone who was 100% female.. upon finding this out they immediately ceased all communication and was super angry :( This saddens me as if the guy liked their personality, and liked their physical appearance (he had been talking to her for weeks) then whats the problem? Maybe some people are hiding in the closet a little too much.

In general LB’s have a bad name for being unreliable/dangerous but as long as precautions are taken just like you should with everyone you meet online then I think its ok :) Have a nice day kap!

Startled cat poses with Thai lady

While looking through some profiles I was a little surprised myself when I saw the face on this cute creature :)

Thai lady holds a startled cat
I am not sure if this felines picture was taken entirely with its consent!


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